Learn Behavior Design

Dr. Fogg created the Tiny Habits method, as well as a system called Fogg Behavior Design. These are not the same thing. And sometimes people are not sure about which training they want.

To be clear . . .

If you want to become a world-class coach in habits so you can coach other people, then please go to a different website to check out the Tiny Habits Certification. (click here)

If you want to create a product or service that changes behavior, then stay on this page and check out the training options below for Fogg Behavior Design.

Fogg Behavior Design training is a good fit for you if . . .

  • Your company’s success depends on influencing people’s behavior at scale.
  • You need customers to do behaviors reliably, and you want world-class skills so you can get the design right.
  • You need your mobile app to be more effective.
  • You are a behavioral expert in your organization and you want to level up your skills.
  • You are a product designer in your organization and you want to level up your skills.
  • You want to build your professional skills so you can be more effective at work.

Two ways to learn Fogg Behavior Design

You have two options for learning Fogg Behavior Design: (1) an online course or (2) live training with BJ Fogg on Zoom.

With the online course, you can learn Fogg Behavior Design at your own pace. You use your mobile phone or computer to access eight modules. The total learning time is 6 hours. You will also be invited to “office hours” with Dr. Fogg each month. For more info about the online course, see this page.

The live training in Fogg Behavior Design happens on Zoom. Dr. Fogg teaches you his unique methods in a small group setting. This training is super hands-on and practical. For more info about the live training, see this page.

Got questions? Please email bj@bjfogg.com